SEND (Special educational needs and disability) information

Our SENCO is Mrs. Karen Matthews.

Mrs. Matthews can be contacted via the school office on 01743282360.  Email messages can be passed to Mrs Matthews via

At The Wilfred Owen School we are extremely proud of our caring and inclusive ethos. We value all children and our aim is that all of the children in our school achieve their full potential in a happy, safe and secure environment. Pupils and adults celebrate the diversity within our school and we are supportive of both the child and their family. We are adaptable, approachable and flexible and celebrate each child for the individual qualities they bring to our school.

Our school has been designed for use by pupils with disabilities. All of the outside doors are accessible for wheelchair access and internal doors are of an appropriate width. Toilets have been designed for children and adults with disabilities. A decision on whether a child’s disabilities can be catered for in our school is usually made in consultation with the Children and Young People’s Services Department of the L.A.

At some time or another, many children will have a special educational need. If a teacher identifies such a need then consultation with the school SENCO and parents takes place. The purpose of this meeting is to draw up a set of actions to help and support the child. If needed, special programmes of work are devised. Sometimes at this point, the problem is fully addressed and the child ceases to need additional support. On occasions, further action is needed and specialist help is required, to assess the nature of the problem. It may be that further expertise is needed and that our learning support advisory teacher is consulted. If a child has very significant needs it may mean that a ‘Education, health and care plan’ has to be drawn up.

Each school has to publish their SEND offer.  We have a detailed document avaibable which outlines the actions we would take to support a child with special needs.  Any further guidance or questions can be raised with Mrs Matthews.

SEND Policy and Local Offer

The school is fully inclusive and integrates children with disabilities. We support them in every way necessary to ensure they are not treated less favourably than other children. This is at the heart of our school’s ethos and exemplifies how we value children. Whether through extra adult support, adaptations to buildings or specific resources, all children should be able to access all we provide.


Are you a parent carer of a child or young person who is on SEN support or has an EHCP?  Shropshire’s SEND Local Offer has lots of information, support and resources for parents/carers of children with SEND including education, EHCPs, health and wellbeing, early help, family support, financial support, transport, things to do and lots more.  Take a look at the local offer website on the following link: