Hawkstone – Year 4

Welcome To Hawkstone Class!

Welcome to Year 4 we are looking forward to a fantastic, fun-filled year which will pave the way for future success. We are passionate about providing a positive learning environment where all children are inspired, engaged and supported in their learning in order to reach their full potential. Throughout, the year children will be encouraged to become more independent not only in their learning but also personally and socially.
The Year 4 curriculum is filled with exciting learning: What did the Romans do for us? Where is the amazon rainforest?  How does the human digestive system work? These are just a few of the big questions we will be answering! In Maths, we have a particular emphasis on securing recall of times tables to 12 x 12, as this will support the children in all areas of maths. This will prepare them for the multiplication check in the summer term. We love reading in Year 4 and the children will have the opportunity of reading and listening to a range of texts.

During Year 4, the children will have the opportunity to go on a residential visit if they wish. This is an overnight visit for one night, where they will have the chance to participate in a variety of activities. They will also take part in our Year 3 and 4 performance in the Spring term!

Miss Lewis
Mrs Row
Ms Clorley