Grinshill – Year 6

Welcome to Wrekin Class!

Welcome to year 6! This is an exciting time as you embark on the final stretch of your primary school journey. In year 6, you’ll encounter new challenges, make lasting memories, and prepare for the transition to secondary school. Year 6 will challenge you to drive yourself forward with ambition and positivity. While the adults will help you, it is time for you to take more control of your learning. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to perform, take responsibility around school, help younger children and be given greater independence. Year 6 is a big step towards your future and Secondary school. It is important you make it your best year yet and say goodbye to Primary school in a positive manner and empower yourself to take the next step. By the end of Year 6, we at Wilfred Owen will say goodbye to you. While we will all miss you, we hope that you will continue to make us all proud, so welcome to Year 6 let’s make it a good one!

Mr S Pardy
Miss S Jones
Miss Disney